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Marshall Tarley

Situational Coaching

Situational Coaching – One Session Coaching
A Specific Problem or Challenge

You have a single specific problem that you need help resolving, and you are not in the Standard Coaching Program. I’m glad to help you.

A one-hour consultation to clearly identify the problem, the challenge or opportunity.  We create a solution and specific tactics to address it effectively.  We schedule a follow-up meeting, if needed.

Often, there is no need for a follow-up meeting. I do, however, always want to hear back from you to know how your solution worked out and to make sure there isn’t any tidying up we need to do.

Frequent Issues for Situational (one-session) Coaching.
Below is a sampling of the kind of challenges and opportunities for which people have engaged me in situational one-session coaching. The situations and challenges are as diverse as people and walks of life:

I want to ask for a raise, but I’m not sure it’s the right time or how to go about doing it.
I just received this angry letter from a client, they might sue me, what do I do?
I can’t seem to get anywhere in my job. There’s nowhere to move up to.
Can you help me figure out how to raise money for this venture?
I just received a warning letter that my job is in jeopardy, what can I do to save my job?
How do I get my client to pay me?
I think my company is going to downsize, what should I do?
Should I raise my fees?

This is where someone with experience who can see the situation objectively can really help you.  Knowing and understanding the personalities involved is as crucial as the facts of the situation.  And, always, it’s about the right strategy in the right situation.

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