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A journey has ended, and you have not yet set out on a new road.

One of the Most Difficult Times In Your Life.

A Life Transition is a difficult time. Whether you planned it or not, a journey has ended. You have not yet set out upon a new road. There are an endless number of life transitions – a job has come to an end; you’ve just finished college or a graduate program; retirement has finally arrived; you’ve just gotten over a long illness; the kids have left the nest; or you’ve gone from a lifetime of obesity to being slim.

Even if it is a potentially joyful time of life, each one of these transitions has one thing in common – you are in terra incognita, territory that has never been explored and mapped by you. At times, it’s like making your way through a blinding sandstorm, and there are many pitfalls.

A good coach will help you navigate this new and unsteady terrain, help you identify and crystallize a clear picture of what you really want, help you build a plan to create that new life and champion your efforts as you put that plan in place step by step.

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