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Mind Maps

Mind Map - Marshall Tarley


Mind Mapping is the expression of your thinking as it is represented (or mapped) in the natural functions of the human mind – a technique that organizes and links your thinking to uncover deep meaning and new understanding. While that may sound complex, Mind Mapping is easy to learn and use, and it’s enjoyable. The mental, visual and kinesthetic experience of Mind Mapping improves memory, communications, creativity, and teamwork. Participants will create a mind map and discover how to use Mind Maps to enhance performance in every aspect of their lives. Importantly, the basic use of Mind Mapping can be learned in just a few hours.

How you will use Mind Mapping:
Organize information more efficiently
Communicate more effectively
Retain and recall information
Presentations and speeches without notes
Create focus for messages you want people to remember
Solve problems in a more comprehensive fashion 
A diagnostic tool in business
Engine of creativity in business and the arts
Business innovation
Organizational intervention
Diversity understanding and communication
Mental focus
Therapeutic diagnostic tool
Fun and leisure  

Marshall Tarley has taught Mind Mapping workshops in business and for people in all walks of life for more than twenty years. Many of those who learned Mind Mapping from him are still using the technique to great advantage many years later. Some have called it the most important skill-set they’ve acquired in their adult life. It is also a wonderful tool for children and seniors.

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