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Communication, Culture, and Success

Marshall Tarley - Communication, Culture, & Success at NYU Tandon

If Everyone On Your Career Path Is Just As Smart As You,
How Will You Excel and Succeed?

Our goal is to go above and beyond in providing the support you need to pursue your passion. Many believe that “intelligence” combined with a world-class education are the keys to prepare for success in the business world. We agree, and we also know that true “intelligence” goes beyond traditional IQ. This Workshop Experience will arm you with insights into an array of knowledge, skills and abilities that are absolutely essential to your success.

The Experience:

  • Communication: Have you ever thought of communication as a process? What is the meaning of your communication to the people with whom you interact? Have they heard you? Have they walked away with a completely different meaning than you intended? Learn the questions to ask to bring light and understanding to those questions.
  • Culture & Diversity – America is in the midst of a social and cultural identity crisis. What is your social awareness? What is political correctness in this environment? What is your awareness of the social landscape and cultural environment around you and with which you interact every day?
  • Teamwork: Work effectively in a team, where group success requires synergy and emotional intelligence, while maintaining the power of your individuality.
  • Individuality: Be appropriately assertive, be seen and heard. Put your ideas forward with appropriate forcefulness and tenacity, yet with care and awareness of the people around you.
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