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Jedi Mind Meld

Marshall Tarlely Jedi Mind Meld

Is this really a Jedi Mind Meld???

No, it’s not a Jedi Mind Meld, though some people have called it that. And, just to keep our sci-fi straight, a Jedi Knight is Star Wars mythology; and the Vulcan Mind Meld is from the original Star Trek series. Okay, we have that out of the way.

Here is what the so called Jedi Mind Meld experience is:

  • I have brought together some of the best thinking and best techniques from the people I’ve studied with and worked with in the fields of neuroscience and personal change, to provide you with an experience that utilizes the natural principles of your brain to align you to a major goal in your life and electrify your thinking and your passionate drive to bring your goal to fruition.
  • The title could easily be called, Using Your Brain’s Natural Functions to Align Your Goal to Your Neurological System To Fulfill The Success of Your Goal. But, then, who would read it? So, we call it the JEDI Mind Meld to represent the power and the joy.
  • Your brain is the greatest super-computer ever known to humankind. But no one ever gave you a user manual. I will teach you how to use it in a new way and give you an experience that will very likely have a major positive impact on your life.

Just bring your brain and bring your goal – a major goal that is keenly important to you.

©2017 Marshall Tarley, LLC